Cancellation & Refund Policy

Last updated January 2021

  1. Cancellation Policy After The 5 Day Right of Rescission

    All cancellations are processed through the credit specialist via phone correspondence. Cancellation requests through customer service will be processed within 2 business days by the credit specialist assigned to the file and may require phone verification. 

    I(customer name) recognize that all work is done prior to billing. I further agree that my next payment will be considered due and owed if the month’s work has already been completed.

  2. Refund Policy

    The CIG Membership fee is to cover portal maintenance and credit data which grants access to the services contained within the portal and mobile app. Therefore, all CIG Membership fees are non-refundable.

    While you may cancel at any time; CIG Platinum Service payments can be refunded if they meet the requirements of our 90-day result guarantee which is outlined below: 

    I (customer name) understand and agree that no refunds will be awarded unless I meet the 90-day result guarantee requirements as outlined below. I further agree not to dispute charges under the name of ‘CIG Membership’ and ‘CIG Platinum’ with my bank for services rendered. In the event that a customer files a chargeback or other payment dispute, they will be considered canceled in our systems and in violation of this agreement.

  3. 90 Day Result Guarantee

    We are elite at what we do and are confident that if you follow our program you will see results. Under the circumstance that after following our program, making each monthly payment as scheduled, and working with us for 90 days you do not see corrections on your credit reports you will be considered “qualified” to receive a refund of all CIG Platinum payments paid to Credit Innovation Group. This must be requested through customer service or the credit specialist assigned to the file and will result in the cancellation and discontinuation of all platinum services. 

    Results are defined as updates, changes, or modifications to your credit reports due to the work CIG has done. Results are not measured by changes in your credit score.