CIG Rewards

Looking for a way to maximize your spending? At CIG, we've teamed up with 130,000 merchants to give you discounts AND cash back on your purchases!

CIG Rewards gives you

Receive cash back

with every purchase you make through the network

Earn shopping points

as an additional way to redeem and save on future purchases

Cashback phone app

to earn cash back when shopping online or on the go

Cashback consumer statistics


60% of consumers use a cash back card.


70% of cardholders named rewards as the most attractive feature of their preferred card. 


80% of cardholders redeem their rewards for cash back.

The CIG Rewards Program

What it is

Earn Cashback On Your Purchases

With the CIG Rewards cash back application, you can earn 1%-24% cash back on each purchase you are already making day to day at local or online merchants. With almost 130,000 Loyalty Merchants around the world, including Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, etc., you will always find exactly what you're looking for!

How it works

Redeem Your Cashback

To earn your cash back, simply scan the code at checkout and you will instantly receive your cash back directly into your bank account. Additionally, each time you spend $50 you will receive 1 SP (Shopping Point) worth approximately $10. In your CIG Rewards cash back app, local merchants or online stores will give you discounts for cashing in these spending points, saving you even more money.

Membership Benefits

CIG Membership

As long as you remain a member you will have access to CIG Rewards at no additional charge! Features include:

  • Cashback Phone App
  • Cashback Card
  • Digital Cashback Card
  • 140,000 affiliated merchants
  • Shopping points

Maximize your Spending with CIG Rewards

1%-24% Cashback

Earn Shopping Points

Save Money

Compound Cashback

Why people love Credit Innovation Group


"Wow. This company is by far the best I have ever been involved with. The staff was so nice and so professional. They sure know what they are doing. Their customer service skills are top of the line Had I known about them early I sure would be the happiest person."


"I can definitely say that Credit Innovation sells themselves. They do a wonderful job making sure you are comfortable. They answer every question and keep you informed every step of the way. My life is hectic so they work hard around my schedule and have my best interests at heart. One of the best decisions I've ever made."


"I have never had a company to teach me so thoroughly and patiently regarding my credit. Learning about what I had and how credit was working for me was exciting! Now this is how a company is supposed to help you! Thank you everyone at Credit Innovation."

See how we can help you

improve your credit

Having good credit opens the door to achieving our financial dreams. We help our members develop a strong credit profile so that they can do just that. What are you waiting for?