The CIG Process

We have developed a unique process to help our members improve their credit profile.

Our 6 Step Process

Mistakes happen. Whether it's a missed payment or the credit bureaus reporting inaccurate information. That doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. Our members are introduced to their own personal credit specialist. Together, they identify what the member is trying to accomplish and do a deep dive into their credit, finances, and budget. After this, the Credit Specialist creates a unique “map” for that member to follow to accomplish their goal.

Analyze Credit Reports

The very first step is to do an in-depth analysis of each members current credit situation. What items are weighing down their credit? What positive history have they already established? This is the beginning step on the path to developing a strong credit profile.


Fix Credit Reporting Errors

As we review our members’ credit with them, we work to identify each item on their credit reports and work to verify that each item is accurate and fairly represents them. Any items that are inaccurate, misleading or unverifiable we send to our Credit Repair Ninjas and they quickly get to work on disputing those errors. This process takes some time, so it’s good to get started right away.


Optimize Current Credit Accounts

Negative credit is only half the problem. There are many things that impact credit in positive ways as well. We help our members optimize their current accounts to get the biggest positive impact in their credit scoring that we can. Remember, the higher your credit score the less you pay on everything.


Identify New Positive Credit Opportunities

Now that our members see their credit profile getting stronger and improving, this opens up new doors to upgrade the types of credit accounts they are using. Imagine being able to have higher credit limits and lower monthly payments. Life is beginning to look a little different!


Use Good Credit To Increase Cash-Flow

Now that our member has fixed inaccurate credit history, balanced their current credit accounts and worked to establish new positive credit, they can start to use all of this to start saving money and INCREASE their cash flow. This is where our members can potentially save hundreds of dollars a month.


Leverage Extra Cash-Flow & Good Credit

This is where congratulations are in order, the hard work has paid off! Along with a new good credit profile, our members also have optimized all their credit accounts to get a better deal on each dollar that they are spending. With the increased cash flow, they are now ready to start saving money for a down payment or to apply for their desired credit line with some confidence of being approved.


Why our members choose us

We believe that Human Touch is the difference! This means that we believe that creating a human-to-human relationship will help our members accomplish their financial dreams. Our members work with us to be able to get:

Credit Cards
Auto Loans
Personal Loans
Home Loans

The CIG Toolkit

Each member has access to useful products and services that will help them along the way.

Track and understand your credit scores and reports

Maximize your money-saving potential by getting cashback on your daily purchases

Get out of debt as fast as possibly by following the best debt payoff strategies

Pay rent? We can get it reported to all 3 credit bureaus to give your credit a boost!

What people are saying about us

CIG is awesome. I have been with them almost two months and I love [my credit specialist's] loyalty in helping me achieve my goals and understand better how credit actually works. I highly recommend.

- Sharon L.

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