How It Works

Human touch is the difference. This is why we pair you with your own personal credit specialist to assist with the many products and services that our membership provides. With your CIG Membership you will learn how to manage your credit profile, organize your budget to maximize your cashflow, and become approved for new credit accounts. With our help, the goal of your new house, a new car, and strong budget will become a reality.

Understand Credit

We'll help you manage the inaccurate, misleading, or unverifiable items on your report that may be impacting your credit profile in a negative way.

Build Credit

After an in-depth credit analysis, we work with our members to build a strong credit profile by helping them optimize their current credit and add new positive credit accounts.

Leverage Credit

Once our members have created a strong credit profile, we help them understand how to leverage it to increase their cash flow and get approved for their credit goals.

The CIG Process

We have developed a process for helping our members build a powerful credit profile and leverage it to accomplish their financial goals. We walk each of our members through these steps to help them understand exactly how to accomplish them.

Analyze Credit

Manage Credit

Optimize Credit

Add New Credit

Use Good Credit

Leverage Credit

Step 1

Analyze Your Credit Reports

The very first step in this process is to review your current credit reports. What negative items are weighing down your credit? What positive history have you already established? This is the beginning step of building your map toward a great credit score.

Step 2

Manage Your Negative Credit History

Now that we have identified the items weighing down your credit score, the Credit Ninjas are hard at work to dispute items that are inaccurate, misleading, or unverifiable. This process takes time so it’s awesome to get it started right away.

Step 3

Optimize Current Credit Accounts

Negative items are only half of the problem. There are many things that impact your credit in positive ways. We will optimize your current accounts to drive your credit scores up. Remember, the higher your scores the less you pay for everything.

Step 4

Identify New Positive Credit Opportunities

Your credit profile is improving! This will open up new doors to upgrade the types of credit accounts you are using. Imagine the increased flexibility of higher credit limits with lower monthly payments. Life is beginning to look a little different!

Step 5

Use Good Credit to Increase Cash-Flow

Now that you have fixed your negative credit, balanced your current credit accounts, and worked to establish new positive credit, you can utilize all of that to start saving money and increase your cash flow.

Step 6

Leverage Extra Cash-Flow & Good Credit

You’ve done it! Along with your new good credit profile, you’ve also optimized all of your credit accounts to get a better deal on each dollar that you spend. With the increased cash flow, you are now ready to apply for your desired credit line and have confidence in being approved.

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