Cashflow Accelerator

Are you struggling to pay off debt? We'll help you organize your personal budget to identify extra money, and become debt-free FAST! 

Cashflow Accelerator Gives You

Your Exact Debt-Free Date

that updates in real time as you follow your debt payoff plan

Debt Payoff Plans

that are built based on your unique debt profile

Accelerate Being Debt-Free

by adding one-off payments to your payoff plan

Consumer Finance Statistics


2 of 3 Americans do not maintain a household budget


Nearly half of American households live paycheck to paycheck. 


Roughly 1 in 3 Americans include savings in their financial plans. 

Understanding Cashflow Accelerator

What it is

A Mobile Friendly Debt Manager

Cashflow Accelerator provides an easy-to-follow plan allowing you to free up extra cash flow and finally eliminate your debt with your current income. 

How it Works

Save Money While Paying off Debt

After importing your information,  it will customize a strategy around your unique situation. This will help you identify where extra money in your budget is and what impact it will have when you apply it to your debts.

One-Off Payments

Powerful Debt Management

Easily manage and see when each of your debts will be paid off. You will also see the power of adding additional one-off payments to dramatically accelerate your debt-free date!

Ensuring Your Financial Freedom With Cashflow Accelerator

Save Money

Reduce Debt

Improve Credit

Reduce Interest

Increase Cashflow

Why People Love Credit Innovation Group

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Improve Your Credit

Having good credit opens the door to achieving our financial dreams. We help our members develop a strong credit profile so that they can do just that. What are you waiting for?