Rent Reporting Partnership

Want to quickly boost your credit score? With our partners at Can Rent Build Credit, we'll help you add a positive credit account AND up to two years of credit history.

Our Rent Reporting Partnership gives you

Increase credit score

by adding a new positive credit account to your credit reports

Instantly add credit history

by back reporting up to 2 years of your rental payments

No additional cost

when you sign up for our CIG Platinum Services

Rent reporting statistics


The amount spent on rent accounts for nearly 30% of the typical U.S. household income. 


1 of every 3 U.S. households is renting their home.


3 in 5 Americans are unaware that credit scores can affect their ability to rent. 

The Rent Reporting Process

Step 1 

Provide you rental information

While you may have been paying your rent responsibly and on time, this is not always reflected on your credit. The first step is to fill out a quick form to help us understand how long you've been renting, what your lease term looks like and how we can contact your landlord or property manager.

Step 2

Verification of rent

We will have you send your landlord a link where they can verify the information that you have given us as well as your timely monthly payments.

Step 3

Report rent to credit bureau's

Once verified, we will add your rental history to your credit reports through our partners at Can Rent Build Credit. This will provide another positive line of credit to your profile which can significantly boost your credit.

Step 4

Watch your credit score increase

Now that your rental history has been reported, each month your rent payments will be confirmed with your landlord and be reported by our partners at Can Rent Build Credit.

Step 5

CIG Platinum Status

We understand that rent reporting services can be expensive, which is why we cover your rent reporting costs as long as you're a CIG Platinum member.

With Rent Reporting you'll

Add A Positive Line of Credit

Improve Your Credit History

Boost Your Credit Scores

Prove Housing Payment History

Why people love Credit Innovation Group

Serge M.

"Wow is all I can say. Every week I get notifications about my credit score going up. It has been jumping up 10 and 20 points several times over the past weeks. Reuben has been great and I could truly not be happier with everything."

Kimberly S.

"CIG is amazing! In just a few weeks my score went up 46 points. My specialist is amazing and always there for me no matter what. I couldn't ask for a better service or a better price. Absolutely the best thing that could have happened to my credit.”

Rolando A.

"...CIG is absolutely the best in the business. My credit specialist is amazing he has already managed to remove some very hard to remove accounts from my credit. He is also very professional and responsive. I made the best choice with this company."


How are my rent payments added to my credit report?

We work closely with a partner that will be reaching out to your landlord(s) to confirm your history of on-time payments within the last two years. Once this has been completed we reach out to two major credit bureaus to add the rental tradeline to your credit report. Every month as you make your payments, your reporting will be updated to the bureaus.

How do I identify rent payments on my credit report?

Rent reporting will appear as a positive credit account on your credit report. Look for an account named "eRent Payments." The monthly payment amount should be your monthly rent payment. This account will be an installment account, which is one of the more powerful types of accounts to build your credit.

How will rent reporting increase my credit score?

While we cannot predict the exact score increase, at CIG our clients have experienced an average increase of 30 points. Rent is treated like a lease on credit, the same way a car lease would be reported (which is simply an agreement to pay). This credit increase shows on all Vantage Score models and some FICO Score models.

Once my rent has been reported, how long will it take for my credit scores to improve?

Can Rent Build Credit reports rent every month, and it can take up to 30 days after that for the bureaus to add it to your reports. Within 60 days of your landlord verifying your rental information you should see the account reflected on your TransUnion and Equifax reports. If you do not see the account, contact your credit specialist. Remember, we cannot guarantee an exact timeline.

How is my landlord included in the process of rent reporting?

Your landlord will verify all of the rental history that you originally provide with their signature and date. They will also verify monthly that you have made your rental payments. If they do not verify a monthly payment has been made, we will report no data to the credit bureaus.

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