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Credit Innovation Group now offers credit repair services in Las Vegas, NV and the surrounding areas!

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Las Vegas Credit Repair - Effective & Simple

Credit Innovation Group provides the best credit repair services in Las Vegas & all of Nevada because we care about our customers. We don't just want to fix your credit but we want to educate you of what consists of a healthy credit profile. While you're working on building your current credit profile, we can work on removing negative items from the past.

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CIG Membership

$14.95/ Month

Watch your credit profile improve, organize your budget to maximize cashflow, and become approved for new credit accounts with CIG's Monthly Membership.

  • 30 Minute Consultation
  • Members Only App
  • Score Watcher
  • CIG Rewards
  • Cashflow Accelerator
  • In-Depth Credit Profile Analysis
  • Personal Credit Profile Specialist
  • Home Ready Guide
  • Credit Building Guide

CIG Membership

$14.95/ Month

+ Platinum Services

$140 Setup then $99/5 Months

Build a powerful credit profile and make your dreams of owning a home, new car, and debt free lifestyle a reality with CIG's Membership +Platinum Services.

  • 30 Minute Consultation
  • Members Only App
  • Score Watcher
  • CIG Rewards
  • Cashflow Accelerator
  • In-Depth Credit Profile Analysis
  • Personal Credit Profile Specialist
  • Home Ready Guide
  • Credit Building Guide

The CIG Process

Step 1

Analyze You Current Credit Reports

We start by analyzing your current reports for items that are weighing down your credit.

Step 2

Manage Your Negative Credit History

Our team will dispute the items that are inaccurate, misleading, or unverifiable from your reports. 

Step 3

Optimize Current Credit Accounts

Next, we'll help you optimize your current accounts to drive your scores up.

Step 4

Identify New Positive Credit Opportunities

With new credit opportunities on the horizon, we'll help you Identify the most optimal accounts for building a positive credit profile.

Step 5

Use Good Credit To Increase Cash-Flow

Next, we'll help you utilize your positive credit to start saving money and increase cash-flow.

Step 6

Leverage Extra Cash-Flow & Good Credit

Finally, we'll help you leverage your positive credit to apply for your desired credit line and have confidence in being approved. 

Or call (725)-220-4303 for a free consultation

Credit Repair Las Vegas - Nevada Credit Repair

CIG provides the best credit repair services in Las Vegas, NV. We have worked for many years to create systems and processes that makes building your credit a simple & easy process. We are working to expand our services to cover all of Nevada!

Building your credit will allow you to have a lot of financial freedom when it comes to getting a mortgage, getting a loan from a bank or even getting a good credit card. These things are all extremely useful in the modern day lifestyle. Give us a call now and we will get you with a credit specialist to answer any of the questions that you may have.

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Why people love Credit Innovation Group

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    L G

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    Jamie Holland

    I've been dealing with Rosie for about a month now, she has been amazing guiding me through every step of... read more - 10/18/2021

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    Lisa Grassel

    I just started services with this company to help me because I'm a victim of identity theft so far things... read more - 10/11/2021

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    Khadijah Jones

    Calling Credit Innovation was one of the best calls I've had this month. They are professional give you the best... read more - 10/04/2021

    Paula Carroll Avatar
    Paula Carroll

    I have experienced a lot of Trauma in the last couple of years so with that being said ... read more - 10/04/2021

    Roberta Bybee Avatar
    Roberta Bybee

    I have had the joy and pleasure of working with Rosie Hammon. I cannot express how very thankful I was... read more - 9/27/2021

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    Kristina Steinberg

    I just started with CIG but so far seem very responsive and timely with getting stuff done to help you... read more - 9/27/2021

    T.C. South Avatar
    T.C. South

    From the moment we answered the phone with Jason's pleasant and friendly tone to Kieth's impressive positivity and caring demeanor... read more - 9/18/2021

    Caroline Sullivan Avatar
    Caroline Sullivan

    Great customer service and great results. I would recommend to anyone.. - 8/19/2021

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    Kurt Sparks

    So far so good. I have read many bad reviews but I have yet to have a poor encounter with... read more - 7/10/2021

    Yvonne Findley Avatar
    Yvonne Findley

    They are very professional and do what they say they will do. My credit has improved more that I... read more - 7/06/2021

    Linda Szymkowiak-Swaim Avatar
    Linda Szymkowiak-Swaim

    When I first called CIG my credit score was in the 500s it has only been a little over 3... read more - 5/22/2021

  • Jim Monk Avatar
    Jim Monk

    So far they have done what they said they would do and that’s RAISE your credit score! I would recommend... read more - 5/15/2021

    Ashlyn LeAnn Eldridge Avatar
    Ashlyn LeAnn Eldridge

    This is NOT a quick fix group! Micheal Paige has been amazing, as well as Alma (whom has helped me... read more - 5/14/2021

    Sharon Hawks Avatar
    Sharon Hawks

    I have been working with them for approximately 3 months now, and am satisfied to see my credit score go... read more - 5/14/2021

  • Jerome Stevens Avatar
    Jerome Stevens

    CIG is in my opinion is the leading innovative organization that get things done. They have moved the needle for... read more - 5/14/2021

    Ronald Caltagirone Avatar
    Ronald Caltagirone

    They are amazing they return their phone calls they do what they say and they get results we join back... read more - 4/20/2021

    Josephus Mcgee IV Avatar
    Josephus Mcgee IV

    If you’re looking to change the structure of your life CIG will help you accomplish your goals. I’m looking to... read more - 4/19/2021

  • Anthony Johnson Avatar
    Anthony Johnson

    I’ve been a client for 3 plus years. The journey been great for improving my credit. When I started, my... read more - 4/16/2021

    Donna Cline McEachern Avatar
    Donna Cline McEachern

    Credit Innovation Group will help you get the dream home you’ve been looking for. It’s easy and fast. They will... read more - 4/02/2021

    Katelyn Weatherred Avatar
    Katelyn Weatherred

    I love this service! They have exceeded my expectations. I have so much going on and to not have to... read more - 4/01/2021

  • Kelli Parker Avatar
    Kelli Parker

    Credit Innovation Group has helped get my credit score up 30 points in just a month!! They knew exactly what... read more - 3/24/2021

    Juan Montemayor Avatar
    Juan Montemayor

    We've been with this group for less then 1 month and our credit score(s) have improved by 15-20 points. They... read more - 3/15/2021

    Julie Elliott Avatar
    Julie Elliott

    Has helped me out a lot . From nothing all the way to be almost able to buy a home. - 3/09/2021

  • Tristan Hall Avatar
    Tristan Hall

    Credit Innovation Group can help get you started in the right direction to repair your credit. I will admit it’s... read more - 3/03/2021

    Jose Hernandez Avatar
    Jose Hernandez


    Sonia Vazquez Avatar
    Sonia Vazquez

    I highly recommend credit innovation group to anyone especially like myself that lives on a fixed income and that has... read more - 2/17/2021

  • Teresa Pearson Avatar
    Teresa Pearson

    I recommend that if you acquire assistance with credit repair reaching out to their great team for help.
    They truly work...
    read more
    - 2/03/2021

    Vivian Allen Avatar
    Vivian Allen

    If there are any other people who have a great bless of goals for the debt free to get together... read more - 12/31/2020

    Samantha Schnauzer Avatar
    Samantha Schnauzer

    They do exactly what they say they are going to do.They are professional and very proactive on disputing your credit... read more - 12/13/2020

  • Shawni Butler Avatar
    Shawni Butler

    I reccomend CIG for credit repair due to my wonderful experience. CIG is responsible, reliable and worthy of... read more - 12/09/2020

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    Tena Cabean

    if you want to buy a house in the future these are the people to contact to get your credit... read more - 11/16/2020

    Jose Valdes Avatar
    Jose Valdes

    Great team. Always respond to emails and text on any questions I had/have. They are getting me closer to becoming... read more - 11/10/2020

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    Rebecca Ross

    They really do help you get your credit fixed so you can get a house or a car. Surprisingly they... read more - 10/22/2020

    Chelle Marie Erblich-Bainbridge Avatar
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    I absolutely love the Great work that Isaac Barlow has done for me. Definitely the best company ever. We are... read more - 10/06/2020

    Shaun Shumate Avatar
    Shaun Shumate

    Megan was a pleasure to work with from the start. After 7 months I was able to buy a home... read more - 6/17/2020

  • Heather D Worthley Avatar
    Heather D Worthley

    They helped us repair our credit so we could buy our first home....Rueben was amazing and we would recommend anyone... read more - 4/29/2020

    Mary Johnston Avatar
    Mary Johnston

    I have been working with them for less than a month and my credit has already gone up 12 points.... read more - 3/22/2020

    Cori Schuman Avatar
    Cori Schuman

    Lillian Hammon and her team have been so great in helping me through the process of restoring my credit and... read more - 3/19/2020

  • Josh Kruse Avatar
    Josh Kruse

    very good company! julie help me out in just 4 months get my credit where now I'm purchasing a house... read more - 2/05/2020

    Howard Ware Avatar
    Howard Ware

    Reuben has been on the ball and in a month I have seen a 28 point jump in my credit... read more - 1/27/2020

    Lisa Evans Avatar
    Lisa Evans

    They are wonderful people. Got me in a house with there help. - 2/07/2019

  • Phyllis Dramafree Simpkins Avatar
    Phyllis Dramafree Simpkins

    I am very pleased with service. They got my credit score up to a number that now I'm able to... read more - 8/31/2018

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    Dave Jenkins

    Wow! where do I begin? These guys are magicians! I've known Steve for 27 years now and he... read more - 7/24/2017

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    You people on Facebook listen very carefully especially those friends and family members that know me this company you should... read more - 6/01/2016

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