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We have helped thousands of credit-challenged Americans accomplish their dream of homeownership.  Let us show you how!

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 Home Ready Quick Start Guide

Home Ready Education

If you’re struggling with credit problems, becoming a homeowner can seem impossible.  Our Quick Start guide is a powerful tool to help you get on the fast track to becoming Home Ready.  With the CIG Home Ready Program, it’s not a matter of “if,” it’s simply a matter of “when.”

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With Your CIG Membership, You'll Get:

Your Own Credit Specialist

to build your map and guide you through the home ready process. 

The Credzy Mobile App

to keep you updated on your progress towards becoming home ready.

Supplementary Products

to provide support for your specific needs to help you improve your DTI and/or cashflow.

How it Works

Credit Improvement Map

Step 1

Evaluate Your Credit Profile

Your credit profile is the key to unlocking your dream of becoming a homeowner.  The first step is to sit down with a trained CIG credit professional who will evaluate your individual profile to identify the work that needs to be done to get you Home Ready. 

Step 2

Build Your Map

Now that we know what needs to be worked on, your Credit Specialist will build a detailed map based upon your specific needs.  This is the plan of action that will take you from your current position to Home Ready in the fastest time possible.

Step 3

Execute The Map

At this point CIG’s team goes to work on executing the steps outlined in your Map.  This is a collaborative effort between you and our team, so keep in close contact through text and/or email.  Your personal Credit Specialist will be your guide, and you’ll be able to track your progress real-time through the Credzy app on your mobile device.  At the end of the map you’ll be declared Home Ready! 

Step 4

Connect With Your Lender

Time for all the hard work to pay off!  CIG’s network of affiliate partners provides a broad range of trained professionals to help you find your dream home and get you to the closing table asap.  Home Ready means HOME READY!  So the goal is to connect you with a lender, realtor etc. who fit your needs with everything in place to fast track you through to closing.  

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Having good credit opens the door to achieving our financial dreams. We help our members develop a strong credit profile so that they can do just that. What are you waiting for?