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Having good credit opens the door to achieving our financial dreams. We help our members develop a strong credit profile so that they can get:

Credit Cards
Auto Loans
Personal Loans
Home Loans

Credit can be confusing! Like...

Understanding credit reports
Staying on top of every transaction
Wondering why your score has decreased (again)...

Our members are matched with a Personal Credit Specialist that is there to help them understand exactly what is happening with their credit. Our members are provided with updates on the changes to their credit. They also receive recommendations on exactly what to do to improve it. Most of all, their Credit Specialist is there to do the heavy lifting on their behalf to focus on the factors of their credit that will have the biggest positive impact.

Meet your Personal Credit Specialist

(Think of them as your own Credit Coach)

Credit Improvement Map

Each of our members receives a fully customized "Credit Improvement Map" that is based on their unique credit profile. After an in-depth evaluation with their Credit Specialist, the map is put together and their Credit Specialist guides them through it step by step.

1) Repair

First, we focus on fixing and updating any errors that may be on your credit reports. Did you know that 1 in 5 Americans have errors on their credit reports? You'd be surprised what may be on yours!

2) Build

Once we are able to fix any errors on your credit, we then start focusing on what we can do to start building some positive credit by adding new accounts or optimizing current accounts.

3) Leverage

Now that we have made great progress in building a good score, we help guide you on how to use your new credit score to take advantage of the benefits of good credit!

What people are saying about us

CIG is awesome. I have been with them almost two months and I love [my credit specialist's] loyalty in helping me achieve my goals and understand better how credit actually works. I highly recommend.

- Sharon L.

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