Katie Langston 

 December 3, 2021

The names in these stories have been changed to maintain client confidentiality.

In May of 2021, Katie found herself living alone in an apartment after her mother had moved into a rest home and her youngest son moved out. She was paying very high rent and was ready to have a place of her own without the loud neighbors.

Katie had been working for years trying to recover her life from a devastating marriage. The poor choices of her ex had resulted in having to file bankruptcy and left her with a big hole to dig herself out of. She was ready to start fresh now that she was on her own and was researching her options. That is how she got connected with Jon from the home ready desk.

Katie and Jon discussed her situation. Jon explained CIG, and how their program would be the perfect fit for Katie. Katie was very skeptical but Jon walked her through the CIG website and she even pulled up the reviews with Jon on the phone. Rosemary felt confident after reviewing everything that CIG was the right choice and decided to become a member.

Jon connected Katie with her Credit Specialist Jodi. Jodi and Katie instantly hit it off. They discussed Katie’s primary concerns and the credit items that were holding her back from achieving her goals.

Katie had positive tradelines but her balances were high and her DTI was over the lender requirements. Jodi discussed the importance of paying down the credit cards to 30% utilization or lower and Katie stated that she would start doing that right away. Jodi then discussed rent reporting through CRBC and how it would help Katie establish more positive credit.

Katie had a substantial student loan that was in collections so Jodi sent her to the student loan desk and Al was able to guide Katie to get the loan back in good standing. With rent being reported, her student loans back in good standing, and her utilization rate lowered, Katie saw great improvements to her credit profile.

By July, Kaite’s score had increased from 645 to 680 and she was pre-approved by a lender and had put an offer on a home. She was able to close the loan in 30 days and on July 30th she became a proud homeowner.

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