Robert King 

 November 16, 2021

The names in these stories have been changed to maintain client confidentiality.

Robert and his family had been living in their home for 4 years in February of 2021. They were paying $1700 in rent and loved the home they were in. The landlord was thinking about selling the home and offered them the home with an asking price of $240,000. Robert was not sure how long it would take him to purchase the home, but his landlord was willing to work with him. Robert remembered one of his friends telling him about CIG and how they helped them fix their credit to purchase their home.

Robert found the number for CIG and called. He initially spoke to Jay– going over the home ready program and talked about the savings that Robert could potentially have each month by switching to a mortgage instead of rent. Robert was looking forward to the extra help as he had been trying to negotiate with his creditors for months and was not getting the results he wanted.

Jay introduced Robert to his personal credit specialist Justin, who quickly pulled his report and went over everything line by line. There were many things that Robert had resolved with the creditors but they were still hurting his credit profile. Justin explained the importance of establishing a positive credit history and making sure that his open lines of credit are in good standing with no more late payments. Justin also introduced him to the concept of rent reporting and Robert was blown away that it was even a possibility– he was diligent about paying his rent on time each month.

Within a few months, Robert began seeing major improvements to his credit scores. His rent had been reported through CRBC and he continued to work on getting his credit utilization lower. After a few short months of working with CIG, Robert called in to let his specialist know that he was preapproved for a home. His scores had gone up to 680 and he was scheduled to close on his home in September. There were a few delays with the inspections and finalizing everything, but on 10/14/2021, Robert became a proud homeowner!

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