Krystal Hoyte 

 November 4, 2021

The names in these stories have been changed to maintain client confidentiality.

Krystal Hoyte was living in a small home with her sister and mother. They were needing to find a home that was more accessible for a wheelchair and had more room. The home they were living in had so many problems that Krystal was hesitant to talk about them because it made her angry. Plumbing, cracks, the foundation, the furnace, the roof, basically everything from the ground up had something wrong and she was tired of living in a ramshackle house. It was almost Christmas and their furnace was on the fritz and they just needed a comfortable warm home.

Krystal was researching rent-to-own homes and programs when she was connected with the home-ready desk at CIG. They discussed her situation and the things that were getting in her way of being a homeowner and they realized that she was closer to purchasing a home than she thought. Krystal, her sister, Mindy, and their mother, Camille all decided to sign up for the program and were introduced to their specialist Alice.

Krystal, Camille, and Mindy got right to work discussing what was needed to qualify for a mortgage and what the lenders would be looking for. Alice discussed the importance of having a powerful credit profile with healthy accounts and positive payment history. Alice also discussed the importance of credit utilization and the 30% rule.

Krystal, Camille, and Mindy were excited to get started. Alice was able to assist them with getting their rent reported through CRBC and the team was successfully able to correct 100% of the incorrect items from Camille’s reports, 50% from Krystal, and 67% from Mindy’s. This was all done by the end of January.

In February, Krystal and Camille had high enough scores that they were ready to talk to the lender. They were referred to Village Capital where they worked with their coordinator Amber and got preapproved for a new home. The pre-approval and underwriting process was a rollercoaster and Krystal had to take care of an unexpected item. However, it was quickly resolved and Krystal and Camille were able to purchase their new home and move in at the end of May.

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