Leslie Wittnauer 

 August 10, 2021

The names in these stories have been changed to maintain client confidentiality.

In August of 2020, Leslie began her search for a home. She was a single mother, fighting custody of her children and was ready to find a safe and stable place to settle into. The home she was currently renting was old and needed a lot of work. Leslie was fit to be tied and ready to stop throwing money away in rent each month. 

With debt consolidation, student loans, and auto loans on her credit history, Leslie was unable to apply for a mortgage. Desperate to get into a home of her own, she began searching for a program that would help her become mortgage-ready. This is when she discovered Credit Innovation Group. 

Leslie was immediately introduced to her credit specialist, Emily, who laid out the exact steps she would need to take to accomplish her goal of homeownership. Leslie was able to get her rent reported through CRBC, and within a few months, CIG had helped Leslie correct 100% of the incorrect items on her credit report. Leslie continued to follow the advice of her specialist and by October she had a clean report, perfect payment history, and was on her way to the home ready desk.

In the months that followed, Leslie worked with a lender to become prequalified for a home. Her search for the right home took some time, but eventually, she found the perfect place for her and her son. Today, Leslie is a proud owner of her very own home.

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