Lucy Fairweather 

 August 4, 2021

The names in these stories have been changed to maintain client confidentiality.

In October of 2020, Lucy moved back in with her parents. She was a widow and the passing of her husband had taken its toll on her financially and emotionally. Lucy had been left with medical bills and debt from her husband’s passing which took a hit on her credit. She was young, with 2 kids, and she decided it was to move back and re-establish her life.

By January she began searching for a place of her own, and it was very clear that she would need to work on her credit before she would be able to qualify for a mortgage. She had tried rentals and was unsuccessful so, she decided to see what needed to be done so she could just purchase her own home.

During her search, she came across the Home Ready Program at CIG. When initially calling in she discussed the different options available to her and eventually decided it was exactly what she needed. Lucy was introduced to her personal specialist Michael and together went over what it would take to get her into a home.

Right away, Michael let Lucy know that she needed to work on getting her credit card utilization lowered and applauded her on her perfect payment history. Michael then created a map for Lucy, laying out each step she would need to take to accomplish her goals.

In the following months, Michael and his team helped Lucy correct 50 negative items on her reports and she continued to keep building her scores with her positive payment history. All of this resulted in Lucy’s scores skyrocketing from the low 500’s to the high 600’s.

In April, Lucy was pre-approved for a home loan. She was able to find the perfect place for her family and quickly went under contract. Then, on June 21 she contacted Michael and let him know they had closed on the loan! Lucy continues to keep Michael as her credit specialist and build her credit with CIG’s help!

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